When I first began learning programming and how to code I was beyond lost.

There seemed to be so many resources but none of them really met the need.

I needed to not only learn programming syntax but I needed to KNOW and UNDERSTAND how the computer was reading the code and interpreting it to give the output it was giving.

For one there are a huge number of programming languages and deciding on which one to learn was a pain in itself.

I settled on Python 3.  It seems to be one of the more intuitive languages and Python is a language that you can learn, develop and deploy - all in one.

I also knew I was going to be getting involved in machine learning and artificial intelligence.  Python seemed to have many of the available libraries I was going to be using.

Over the years I am constantly exposed to programmers who do not know how to "READ" the code.  This substantially hindered how well they could write code.  After all, if you cannot read well its a fair bet you can also not write well.

Tutoring these individuals I was immediately reminded on how when I was learning to code and how the REAL resources were never available.  Learning to read code is more important than knowing how to write it.

Once one knows how to read code, they find this skill immensely powerful and it immediately translates into writing better, cleaner (pythonic) code.

And so, this website was born.  My contribution to society.  A free video system that will teach anyone how to code, how to read and write code and how to tie it all together into a meaningful career.

Print('Enjoy") ... python humor